Sunday, April 19, 2015

✿ My Adventure in Japan ✿

Konnichiwa Mina-san! (⌒▽⌒)
So I just got back from Japan! First of all Japan was a beautiful country! It's totally a country that I would love to live in someday! Another dream is popping out of nowhere Haha! Hopefully to live in Japan someday!
This blog post is extremely long! But I poured my whole time and soul making this! So hope you enjoy! (The dates might not be followed by my previous post schedule)
Also Made some suggestions and small tips in this blog post for those who are planning to go to Japan and Osaka!  

~ Day 1 in Japan ~

 First Day in Japan : Shibuya & Odaiba - March 29, 2015

The night after we are heading to the airport (which we have to wake up at 3 since 5'o clock was our departure) I haven't slept at all! I was too excited! Who wouldn't be excited to go to Japan the first time!? At the end everyone woke up and I haven't slept a wink and made me sleep deprived. But it's totally okay, I slept at the plane during the flight which gave me a good rest!
Once the plane landed at Narita airport I started freaking out, and all my feelings were all over, I was the first one to get out of the plane since our seats were at the front, and their were Japanese people who greeted me and started bowing.
We took an express train to Tokyo (which took us 1 hour) The train ride was entertaining because of the cherry blossoms and the traditional Japanese houses!
I also took my first vending machine in Japan drink at the station! (Which was everywhere!) The vending machine in Japan consist of warm and cold drinks.  
✓ TIP (Red : Warm, Blue : Cold)


I got my first drink and I fell in love with this warm Royal Milk Tea which was delicious!
  TIP Also in escalators in Japan always be at the left side if you are standing and right side if you are walking! This is a polite way for those who are in a hurry during rush hours!
  TIP In trains in Japan its normal for them to push if it's crowded, and if you notice in trains they aren't noisy (or mostly likely anywhere!) because if you are talking loudly especially on phone it is consider rude for Japanese people.


After we arrived in Tokyo station we transferred to Shinagawa, our hotel was Shinagawa Prince Hotel which was in front of the train station, which was easy to access to different stations! Plus it was near to the mall, food court, McDonalds, 7 Eleven and some entertainment (Bowling, Aquarium, Cinema, etc..)
Since we arrive around noon we straight went to the Food Court to eat lunch and we ate our first meal in Japan which is Ramen!
It was certainly delicious, plus good for the very cold weather in Spring!



We went next to Shibuya station, and went to the Hachiko StatueShibuya Crosswalk AKA 'The Scramble' (it got it's nickname because the crosswalk was all over the direction!), and also to Shibuya 109, you can shop at Shibuya if you want clothes! (There is also Shibuya 109 for Mens)




After Shibuya we immediately went to Odaiba, we went to the Gundam statue, We went to the mall behind the statue and ate dinner there, we had sushi at Kaitenzushi, which was a restaurant it has a sushi-go-round and also you can order on a tablet and pick the food you wanted and it automatically goes to your table!
The color of the plate will be depending on the price you will pay, they have a scanner that can determine the price of the plate!
To know the price of the plate there will be a legend lable on the wall!


~ Day 2 in Japan ~

Osaka Trip : March 30, 2015

We woke up early and ate breakfast at McDonalds, and went to the train station and transferring to Tokyo Line Station : Tokaido Shinkansen which the bullet train tickets is needed to be purchased there, the price was around 13,900 - 14,000 yen (which is approximately $116 - $117 ) non-reserved seats, we quickly went to the bullet train which was almost arriving and the non-reserved seats were cars 1-3.
Shinkansen Japanese Bullet Trains
Tokyo to Osaka were 3 hours 43 mins by bullet train, My parents suggest to go on plane since they said it was a bit cheaper, rather than the train (if there is a cheaper price for it)
“We actually made a big mistake because we were only in Osaka for 1 whole day, since we already planned for Osaka and we didn't book any hotel, so I really suggest you to stay in Osaka for a few days before leaving back to Tokyo, continue reading this and you'll get the big mistake we had!”
After arriving to Osaka we straightly went to Universal Studios and took a Taxi Van near the Shinkansen train station, I'm not sure of the price but it was around 2,000 - 3,000 yen ($16 - $25) going there from the train station to Universal Studios and approximately 40-50 mins by going there.
We arrive in Universal Studios and we noticed the Hogwarts castle and made me excited already! (Huge Potterhead fan!) We bought our tickets, My dad wanted Express Ticket so that we wouldn't wait long for the rides, but then the sales lady said they can't sell the Express Ticket because the amusement park was like really crowded already! We were disappointed so we got the regular tickets.


You can check the Entrance Ticket Prices for USJ right here! 
Once we went in there were a lot of people! Like even though it's a weekday, we weren't sure if that day was a holiday in Japan right now, We kinda got stressed & disappointed the experience there just to be honest (I'm not so sure maybe we went to USJ at a wrong time where it's really busy) we looked for a place to eat Lunch and like all of the restaurants was already full (like the 70% of the people only bought a chicken drumstick and ate at the sidewalk!)
✓ TIP If you want to go to Harry Potter world you need to get a reserve ticket to get inside (it gives you the time when you can go inside) Our time was around 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM ! 
My parents and I w/ my siblings & cousin separated since my parents hate Roller coaster rides. So we went to eat lunch at the Pink Café at Hollywood section


Their Strawberry Ice cream taste like sweet heaven, their hot dog were really juicy, and their minions lemon frizz taste really sour and pulpy.
We got into Hollywood Ride Backdrop Roller Coaster the waiting time was 230 mins (3 hours & 50 mins) since there were a lot of people, this is the part where we got stressed & disappointed because half of our time in USJ is spent on waiting...
The Backdrop roller coaster was actually worth it, it was fun and plus it was my first time I was in a roller coaster that has music in it! Plus the music was perfectly timing for the ride! Hahaha!
Next me and my cousin really wanted to go to the Shingeki No Kyojin Statue (My cousin and I were the only Japan Lovers and Anime Freaks during this trip)
Successfully we found it!


After that we went to the Amazing Spiderman 4D Ride, it took us 120 mins (2 hours) the ride was fun, but sadly I only understand a little since it's in Japanese, but still the ride was really fun, it was similar to the other Transformer's Ride in other Universal Studios.
Lastly and finally we finally went inside Harry Potter world, when we were on our way there I started jumping around and running (The Harry Potter background music gave me the exciting mood) Once I entered I almost started tearing up because it felt real! It was like I was really in Hogwarts!
We line up for Butterbeer & Ollivander's Wand Shop!


Sadly we weren't able to line up the Hogwarts Castle Tour (230 mins) & Honeydukes, we were actually lining up for Honeydukes but we had to go, since we have to catch up the bullet train.
“Once were going out the exit, my mom and sister were gone for
30-40 mins because my mom left something, and we should really be in a hurry, my cousin said the last train was 11:30 PM so it was okay. (At that time I had a gut feeling we weren't able to make it)”
So we arrive at the train station around 9:50 PM, my cousin asked the man for the tickets in Japanese and then he also replied in Japanese and then my cousin said...

"There's no more trains leaving for Tokyo..."

When we heard that we were all doomed, The train left at 9:30 PM hahaha this is the thing I said we made a big mistake, because we didn't know about the time because they said they change the train times sometimes and we haven't even bought clothes...
After that we were kinda sudden about this and we kinda just laugh it off, and learn from our mistakes. We try to find a near hotel (most of them were booked which was hard) and finally we were able to find one.


The name was Shinkansen Hotel (there were a lot of hotels near the same name as this though) It was a peaceful hotel (free tea and hot towels hehe) the employee asked for our passports, which we left at the other hotel, my cousin told the truth we weren't able to catch up the train, and good thing they understand our situation!
“What I have notice so far is that Japanese people are really polite, well mannered, kind, quiet, respectful and good service which one of the things I love about Japan!”

~ Day 3 in Japan ~

Free Day : March 31, 2015


Started off with a good breakfast at a café at Shinkansen train station (I kinda forgot the name of the Café, sorry!)
We went back to Tokyo around noon, and drop by to our hotel to change our clothes (yes we haven't change hahaha!)

~ Harajuku ~

We went next to Harajuku, and went to Yoyogi Park which greeted us the beautiful sight of Full bloom Cherry Blossoms! Plus a lot of people were having a Hanami Picnic


After we were finished taking pictures of the Sakura trees we went to Takeshita street!
                                                              ~ TAKESHITA STREET ~
This street is where mostly the teens hang out! This is where all the Kawaii Japanese fashionCafé's, and let's not forget Purikura / Japanese Photo Booths are located!


✓ TIP If you want to take a Purikura it's right infront of Mcdonalds and next to a Café & A Crepe Store there'll be stairs leading down and it says there 'Purikura' 
My cousin & sibling and I were the only the ones who went to take a Purikura because my other sibling and parent's didn't understand and didn't like those kinds of things hahaha!


Purikura cost mostly 300 yen ($2.50) depending on the kind of booth you are in!
The shops I went inside are ...- The Disney Store- Audrey's- Anime store (It had no name)



  "After Harajuku we went to Akihabara!"


Akihabara is well known for it’s lesser price in electronics, anime, maid café’s, UFO Cranes and saw also some of host clubs in the alley way’s!
We went to Yodobashi Akiba shop, where all gadgets there are cheap! I went to look at floor 6, where all the anime, gachapons and games are!
I mostly got things in the gachapons since they were cheaper.


I bought some stuff during this trip!
Will promise to make a video haul the goods I bought in Japan! (⌒▽⌒)

~ Day 4 in Japan ~

Tokyo Tour : April 1, 2015

~ 1st Stop : Tokyo Tower ~


Woke up early and went down to take the tour bus around Tokyo!
Tokyo Tower had a beautiful view but sadly it was a bit cloudy today! Plus there's a One Piece Café which is a good stop for One Piece fans out there!

~ 2nd Stop : Meiji Shrine ~


It was beautiful in Meiji Shrine, make a prayerful wish there while throwing a coin, and learn it's traditional ways on how Japanese pray to their gods!
✓ TIP Luckiest coins!
• 1 yen
• 10 yen
• 50 yen
Also try to buy their lucky charms which has the charm of love, wealth, education and much more!

~ 3rd stop : Imperial Palace Garden ~


This is where the emperor and the empress live near! It has a beautiful Japanese garden! It's extremely beautiful especially in the Spring season which was filled with Cherry Blossom trees!

After that we had Japanese lunch! Which contained Japanese Rice, Yam, Tempura, Tofu, Salad, Japanese Barbecue, and A Pudding! But wow I got like 2-3 cup of rice servings cause Japanese rice is really delicious!


~ 4th Stop : Tokyo Cruise Tour ~


We saw the different buildings in Tokyo and also passed by tons of Cherry Blossoms! And when we arrived to our destination we saw a guy wearing a ninja outfit!

~ 5th stop : Asakusa Shrine ~


At Asakusa shrine it was a simple Japanese shrine, there’s a lot of stores along the way. I tried the fortune stick or O-mikuji where you shake a metal filled with sticks and get a fortune, I tried and got a fortune, sadly I got 'Bad Fortune' Uwah! So I tied it up and hopefully the Bad Fortune will go away!
Also I saw a nearby Ghibli store near the entrance! Plus I also had a beautiful experience, since it was extremely windy the petals of the Cherry Blossoms started falling and I felt like I was one of those anime protagonist or something hahaha!
I witnessed a love story in the happening during the tour hahaha!

~ A Short Love Story ~


This Backpack man at the left and the Blonde girl at the right are solo travelers! When we were eating lunch they both were talking together and had a good conversation!
They seem to be always together lately after lunch and when we were about to leave Asakusa shrine both of them left together! Ahh! They were very cute and I ship them together! ♡

So after that it was last of our tour and we will decide where will we stop either at Ueno or Akihabara, We decided to go at Akihabara, so we drop at Akihabara.
When we got drop off my parents and my other sibling wanted to go to the hotel and so we separate! So it was my cousin, my other sibling and I went around Akihabara!

~ Akihabara Finds! ~


In Akihabara we stopped at an Animestore and a game store filled with UFO Cranes!
Lastly we dropped off my sibling to the Yodobashi Akiba store and what's left is my cousin and I we went to Harajuku to go and meet up my aunt and go to Kiddy Land finally!

~ Kiddy Land ~


When we arrive in Kiddy Land I wanted to buy everything I wanted! It was just Kawaii Girl's Heaven! There were 5 floors (I think?) and each level is filled with lovely items! (Anime Figurines, Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Snk, Ghibli, Rilakkuma, and so much more!)
I bought a lot of stuffs there and I was so happy to got the things I wanted! Just like I promise I'll make a video haul on what I bought during the trip!

Day 5 : Airport

Last Day : April 2, 2015

It was the last day and my heart started breaking.. I fell in love with Japan and it's culture and it's beautiful sights!
Hopefully to visit again, and hopefully to travel on my own and probably I could live here! Wishful thinking right there! 
✓ TIP In the Narita Airport there’s a lot of Japanese culture items, Ghibli Store, Rilakkuma Store and Pokemon items, so if you want to go on a last minute shopping you can spend it at the airport!


Thank You Japan for making me feel Welcome! Hope to see you again!

~ Acknowledgements ~

I would like to also thank Kaila Ocampo (Rainbowholic) & Ashley Dy (CandyKawaiiLover) For making me feel welcome also here in Japan! Especially their Collaboration Blog "Our Kawaii Tokyo" Which extremely helped me while I was here in Japan! Keep it up guys! Love you guys so much! (⌒▽⌒) ♡
Rainbowholic Blog
Candy Kawaii Lover Blog
Our Kawaii Tokyo Blog
I would also like to thank my cousin Ina for guiding us during the trip, barely Japanese people know English, and also we barely know how Japan is and how it works, so thank you for guiding us! You can also check out her blog here!
My Cousin’s Blog

“Lastly I want to thank my parents for making my dreams come true, as this trip actually happened because of my birthday wish! I love you guys so much! Thank you so much for all of these lovely trips! Very blessed to have parents like you!” (⌒▽⌒) ♡

“Thanks for reading everyone and hope you enjoy my adventure in Japan!”


  1. Thank you for sharing your memories and experiences from Japan. I really hope to go someday it's #1 on my Bucket List. Looking forward to your future posts! ;)

    1. Thank you so much you enjoyed my adventure <3 Really hope you could see Japan someday ^^ ! And thank you so much for looking forward! :) <3

  2. Waw looks like you had an amazing time :)