Wednesday, May 20, 2015

✿ Kawaii in Hong Kong ✿

Hello everyone! (⌒▽⌒)
Some of you may know I’ve been to Hong Kong just yesterday ago, it was just a short stop since I was going to Toronto the next day, (I’m in Toronto right now though hahaha) I saw a lot of Kawaii stuffs and it was just a day in Hong Kong!
Will place down on where to find these Kawaii stuffs n’ some suggestions! ^^

~ Kawaii In Hong Kong ~

So we stayed at the Shamrock Hotel near the Jordan station (train station) I also suggest you to be near to train stations for easier access (like in Japan!) I heard you book online the room will be upgraded (that’s what happened to us for some reason?) So we had a really nice spacey room.
So we went up to have breakfast, but sadly we were late and they were closing, my aunt lives in Hong Kong so we met with her outside, and we went to have breakfast out, it was a few blocks from the hotel and it was inside Bread Talk, and the restaurant was called Toast Box.

Toast Box

The Toast Box gave a vintage cute feel, it was really cute and cozy, they had a lot of pastries, their specialties is toasted bread, they also serve meals, and they taste delicious! So if you are near the Shamrock Hotel don’t forget to stop by here! (There’s also Toast Box in Manila area I heard but not really sure where.)
Here are some few sights I got while passing by~

What I like about Hong Kong is the vintage asian sights, I really love the atmosphere around it.
We head to Elements Mall to kill time before we head to the airport.

Elements Hong Kong

Elements mall is a mall with a train to already go straight to the airport, so you can get a ticket of the train then kill some time at the mall and go to the train to head to the airport, there’s also a check-in area, so that you wouldn’t hassle anymore in the airport.

The vending machine above reminds me so much of Japan, since vending machines are like everywhere in Japan (huhu cries)
So we stopped by at 7 Eleven store and I bought a very cute Panda Cable Winder, since I’m also obsessed with Pandas hahaha.


Maxim’s Cake

So we went to take an elevator, and as we passed by to the elevator (which was at the left side of 7 Eleven) I saw this extremely cute LINE Character Dessert Cups! Probably they place Ice Cream inside or Cake to eat it with, which is extremely cute <3 !!! The store was called Maxim’s Cake, I wasn’t able to try because we were in a hurry.
As we tour around the mall I also saw this Kawaii My Melody Merch’s!

As we finished going around the mall, we said good bye to my aunt, and we took the train on our way to the airport.

Hong Kong International Airport

So we went inside the airport and we tour around, (well not likely my dad and I are just the only one touring around since my mom and sibling were tired hahaha)
So I went to the Disney Store near the Food Court and I saw a lot of cute things especially these Tsum Tsum Disney Stuff Toys n' Plates!

Disney Store

I’m thinking I’ll buy some Tsum Tsum’s and do a giveaway (maybe hahaha)
After I tour around I went to get some snacks in McCafe and I got of course, Matcha!

The cake was Soybean Matcha Cake, It tasted okay not that sweet which is good for people who doesn’t like it too sweet~ same goes for the matcha drink ^^
That’s all for all the Hong Kong Kawaii Trip! Currently in Toronto, so I’ll try my best to blog my trip and to find kawaii stuffs in Toronto! So for now...

“ Thanks for reading and See Ya soon! ♡ “

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