Sunday, July 19, 2015

Kawaii in Chicago + Six Flags Adventure ♡

Hello minna-san! (⌒▽⌒)

This blog post is extremely late, but yeah better late than never! This will be a short blog post since we were just there for 2 days ^^

So after my ever long post of my trip in Canada, we head off to Chicago! To visit my sister whose having an OGT (part time job experience outside for a few months) also my brother whose living there (he’s in LA though but decided to go to Chicago anyway), my cousins also live there, so it’s nice to have a family get together once in awhile when you are already near the city (⌒▽⌒)

~ Day 1 in Chicago ~

Family Time - May 25, 2015
Before we went to Chicago, the Canadian airport is really fancy like all the waiting stations have each their own tablet, w/ wifi and games, you can also order food from the tablet using a credit card! 


I spent my time at the airport updating my other blog and also watching anime!

So we boarded off to Chicago, and arrived, and my brother and sister picked us up. <3


We went straight to my aunt's house and ate lunch & dinner, I also took a nap haha. (they made delicious food, huhu now I miss their homemade food)
We went straight to our hotel, which was near, the hotel's name was called Candlewood Suites Chiacgo-Waukegan it was really near to Walmart (plus a few minutes from Six Flags) so you could just walk through there, but be careful on crossing the roads. 

~ Day 2 in Chicago ~

Amusement Park : Six Flags Great America - May 26, 2015

My brother, mother and I took a short jog (my father was still sleeping) so our jog was just planning to get breakfast, we just went to Walmart.

✿ Kawaii in Walmart 


Surprisingly they also sell Pop figurines at a supermarket hahaha.
Also cute glazed heart donuts ~

After we took breakfast we went to pick up my sister also including her friend (also our neighbour) and we went straight to Six Flags Great America!


There were only a few people in the park, since it was a weekday but there was also a school who had their field trip.
Fun Experience
So we were just near to ride the roller coaster ‘Goliath’ and since (like the pictures above) it’s extremely cloudy, and it’s going to pour down soon, so we were able to get on the ride, then suddenly the rain crash down from us as we got in, and it was kinda funny, cause my brother was just wearing a shirt, and luckily I was wearing a hoodie, so it really poured down and the rain really hurts when it splashed down our face especially when we were about to go up, it was kinda a fun experience, my first time to ride a roller coaster that really rained hard hahaha. (Also luckily we were the last passengers to get in since it really rained hard, plus nobody got sick!) 

Well we were very glad the rain stopped after lunch, so we went around the amusement park again, looking for extreme roller coaster rides hahaha.

Adventures in Six Flags Great America 


✿ Kawaii in Six Flags Great America 


Seeing these Pokemon plushies makes me feel I’m back again in Japan lol, but sadly no buying of these plushies, but we have to win it to get it! So of course I wanted one, because I wasn’t able to buy a Pokemon stuff toy in Japan (due to buying too much ahh...) 
I captured a Pikachu! ♡ (⌒▽⌒)
I think all Six Flags have Pokemon toys so try to go if there’s a Six Flags amusement park you are visiting!


Olive Garden

We were just at Six Flags for a short while, since we are going to have dinner, we had dinner at an Italian restaurant called Olive Garden. Their food taste really good, so try it out (⌒▽⌒) ! Their strawberry juice (not sure if it’s a juice hahaha) taste really good!


End of Day

And that ends my Chicago Adventure ! ♡
There’s lot more to come soon because my adventure isn’t over yet! (lastly!) Because last stop is... Los Angeles, Beware incoming Disney photos! Plus found a Kawaii Japanese culture shop in Los Angeles ! ♡ Can’t wait to show it to you guys! ^^

“ Thanks for reading and See ya soon! ♡ 


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    1. Hello Sheila! ^v^ Good luck on blogging and most important is to have fun with it <3 !