Saturday, August 15, 2015

✿ Kawaii in LA (Japan L.A.) ✿

Hello everyone! (⌒▽⌒)
Been awhile since I last posted a blog post! Actually my next post was about to be my adventure in Disney California, but I wasn’t able to finish it, so I decided to post this instead! Since I was able to make this already! ^^ 
This is my free time in Los Angeles! My parents told me I can go anywhere, with my brother! So as I scrolled down in my instafeed I saw this poster in @rilakkumaus ♡ 

I was extremely excited, so I asked my brother if we could go here, and he said okay (huhu yey!) Of course I was happy and thankful enough my brother is willing to drive me there. 

Japan L.A.

So the next day May 30th, we went off at afternoon and arrived their around lunch time. 
First thing I saw was their window shop, and basically it was written all over ‘Japan cuteness’ and I couldn’t wait to go in! 

When I went inside, I couldn’t wait what to buy, everything looked so cute, everything was full of Sanrio, San-x, Tokidoki, Alpacas, Pokemon, and I also saw a lot of Kigurumis! & much more! ♡


Once I went inside, I got the things I wanted and was happy enough what I got, and just waited for Rilakkuma to appear out of no where hahaha.

Rilakkuma Space Launch

I wasn’t able to buy their Rilakkuma in Space collection, but I bought the “Let’s get Lazy” (the grey sweater) instead, since it was really adorable and cute ♡ 
 Finally I was able to see the most awaited Rilakkuma! It’s been one of my dream to see a Rilakkuma mascot, since I kept on seeing it online like the one’s in Japan ♡

Rilakkuma Appearance 


Rilakkuma was soo adorable! A lot of people were able to have a picture with him, it was actually nice to see people who like’s what you like! So everyone was really cute when they were able to have a picture with Rilakkuma ♡
After I finish taking a picture with Rilakkuma, I went to the cashier to buy the one’s I want.

Lucky enough the things i got went up to $50+ So I was able to have a free game raffle, so I got a coupon and scratched the coupon, and was able to get 2 Rilakkuma glasses! This was the design! (Huhu I really love it!)

I also got lots of Rilakkuma freebies! but here are some of the items I took a picture of the items I got ♡ (⌒▽⌒) 

 ~ Items I Got ~

I’m lucky enough to know about this shop, so I thank my brother who drove me there! (took us an hour to go there) (⌒▽⌒) ;; 
Next blog post hopefully to do it early enough! Will be either My Disney California Adventure or my Trip to Little Tokyo in Los Angeles (+ Hello Kitty Museum!) ✿

“ Thanks for reading and See ya soon! ♡ “

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